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Level Up Math


Welcome to

Level Up Math

The best affordable personal math tutor in the Nation!

Welcome to

Level Up Math

The best affordable personal math tutor in the Nation!

Level Up Math
Affordable Math Tutor on your WRIST!

We provide our customers with a personal math tutor in the privacy of your own home
at an afforadable price unmatched.

Made to Make Learning Math Fun
Keep Your Child Engaged

Our content has been designed to keep the interest of your child while they learn subjects & topics that are not usually seen as fun.

Increased Proficiency Level
In Every Standard

Your child will increase in proficiency in every standard they work in ultimately gaining increased confidence in math.

Common Core Aligned Assessments
Designed to Match School Curriculum

Our content can be used by any middle school math student whose school follows the Common Core Curriculum.

Covers Every Math Standard
For 5th-8th Grade

This program is designed specifically for Middle School math students from 5th to 8th grade.

Increasing Math Skills
One Student at a Time

Level up math was created with the intention to increase your child’s math test scores from one level to the next. In many cases students normally jump at least two levels while develop a love for math, due to a build up in confidence

Level up math is not only a program designed to enhance math vocabulary, but it also has very memorable strategies on breaking down word problems & building confidence to evaluate every problem your child should encounter from 5th to 8th grade with just a push of a button. This program was designed not as a replacement for traditional schooling, but as a supplement that compliments it.

User Friendly


Progress Monitoring




Confidence Builder


What We Do
Features of Our Program

Many features that put us at the top of the list when your looking for a math tutor[/highlight]

Short, Precise Lessons
Simple to the Point

Keep your child engaged with short, but precise lessons geared to teach and keep their attention

Bonus Quizzes
Keep the Tests Going

Get access to our bonus quizzes and assessments if your child needs more testing.

Progress Monitoring
Easily Track Progress

Track your progress with our fantastic reporting system. See exact areas of strengths & weaknesses.

Customer Support
We're Here to Help

If there are any problems and concerns, we promise to get back to you within 24 hours from initial contact.

PC Compatible
Use with all PC's

Able to use on all PC’s through either purchasing our direct download or through our wrist band.

Monthly Prize Incentives
For Highest Users

We encourage your child to keep practicing with our monthly prizes & incentives given to our highest users for that month

Let Us Help Raise
Your Child’s Math Scores

Level up Math was created initially because our math students in class were not retaining information. Mostly because they were not trained on effective note taking skills, they never really gained the confidence that they needed in order to excel and most importantly their parents were not fully equipped to assist them for multiple reasons:

  • Working too many work hours
  • Not educated in all the topic
  • not familiar with today’s teaching
  • Couldn’t afford a personal tutor

Level up math is the answer. Buy our amazing math tutoring program today!

Awesome, easy to use & made specifically for middle schooler’s who need reinforcement!

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That Suits Your Child Best

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McNicol Middle Magnet & STEM School

It is with great pride that I welcome you to our McNicol Hawk Middle School family as a dedicated partner. It is not everyday that a business shifts their focus from excelling independently to providing various resources to our future through student educational support. We value you and all of your efforts in working with us to create the high school or the college bound student.

McNicol Middle Magnet & STEM School


Thank you so much for this math material, Level Up. My son Nehemiah, has made tremendous improvements in his math scores thanks to Level Up Math.


Lyons Creek Middle School

Our teachers are more than excited to implement this resource. Mr. Karras has been using it all of 2015-2016 school year and we will proceed for the following school year!

Lyons Creek Middle School

Mr. Weiss

I use Level up Math for my Advance class. Think about this. It gives your child a pre-test on any skill they are learning. Which is what we do in class anyway. It then gives them 5 -6 lessons on that skill to help them understand it. In between those detailed lessons it gives pop quizzes so that the student, parent and teacher can tell if the child is learning. Then at the end of all that it gives a post test. It does everything!! When you measure the growth from the pre to the post you will be in awe. It is truly a blessing. Get your program it will be the best $20 you ever spent as a parent or teacher.

Mr. Weiss

Take a Look at
Some of the Work From Our Customers

Assessments designed to build success & confidence in areas they’ve struggle with.

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