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Hans Laurenceau is the founder and creator of Level up Math. He grew up in a tough neighborhood by ways of Brooklyn NY. (Coney Island) to be exact. No real career path in mind as a young man. After his parents split when he was 9 years old, his siblings and him were sent off to Montreal, Canada for a little over a year while his mother was able to get herself back on her feet. In 1991, he moved back to New York. This time in upstate NY (Rockland County). He started school about 3 weeks late, due to registration issues he was placed in a general education math class. He was in 5th grade at Eldorado Elementary school in Spring Valley NY. His math teacher Mrs. Duitz had written 30 basic arithmetic problems on the board as a warm up. After 25 seconds, Hans had completed all of the questions. Students whispered and protested under their breath, one even had the valor to call out and say “but he didn’t write down the problems”. Mrs. Duitz looked at the invidious student and said “but he got them all right!” Hans was then placed in an advanced math class that day. Math became his passion in addition to athletics (basketball). At age 20, he entered a graduate program at Mercy College where he was able to pay partially out of pocket because as an undergrad he obtained a basketball scholarship. The program was called “ICP” Individualized Certification Program. It allowed him to pursue his masters in Education while teaching math in middle school. He always pays homage to his phenomenal math coach Mrs. Norwitz who taught him everything he knows about the three major components to being an effective TEACHER. Classroom management, content knowledge, and delivery. You can place them in any order you please, but without just one of these elements you will not reach a significant percentage of students yearly. By God’s grace he was placed at a middle school in Washington Heights NY, the upper west side. This was a great school with an amazing administrative staff. Parents were involved, and students seemed to grasp concepts fairly quickly. After just one year of teaching, Hans obtained rookie of the year while his students had the highest growth from one year to the next on their EOY exams. Each year following, he has either been nominated or received teacher of the year. Parents were writing in to the school to have their child in his class primarily due to the delivery and rigor being offered in each lesson. In 2010, he relocated to a title 1 school  in Hollywood, FL to now educate students of low income and predominantly single parent households. Although his classroom management was truly tested, his delivery became transcendent. “Student growth went through the roof” he admits. One of the biggest issues Hans Laurenceau has faced in his 8 years of teaching middle school math, is that no matter how amazing a lesson is, if the students are not studying or seeing it again at home they will not retain enough to truly be an “A student”. The frustration as he puts it was “unbearable”. “There had to be a way for students to receive the same detailed, digestible lesson that I am delivering in the classroom at home”. This sparked the beginning stages of Level up Math. It started as lessons he would create to differentiate and have centers for students who still needed extra practice on a skill. Then it grew to lessons that would introduce a new topic being learned. Soon after pre tests, bonuz quizzes and post tests were added. Once the learning gains of each student that was exposed to this program had rapidly grown, he knew he was on to something. His principal made him the math department chair to share his best practices. In 2013, Level up Math was officially in motion. This program is literally made to build and enhance a students learning-to build confidence and class participation-to reduce behavioral issues due to deeper knowledge and increased academic ownership. It’s an all in one resource that allows teachers to spend time with students that really need it. It allows a teacher to move at a comfortable pace and cover all of the necessary skills to ensure that all students are fully equipped for the EOY exams and future grade levels.


There’s a growing understanding that education is becoming more challenging for our students. Parents aren’t fully equipped to assist their children that are struggling because the way math is currently taught has changed from the what the parents were used to. Many want to get tutors for their children, but often can’t afford it or really just don’t know where to start.

Level up Math has been created as a supplement to teachers in the classroom. Teachers all over the world feel they need assistance in and outside the class. It is overwhelming. We are responsible for pushing 100% of our students to at least 80% mastery of these vexatious common core standards. Level up Math provides teachers with differentiation, rigorous review on content they have covered, and most of all a helping hand.

Teachers aren’t the only ones that benefit from Level up Math. Level up Math is a blessing to parents as well. We are all aware that many parents are working 2 or more jobs to make a living and don’t have enough time or energy to completely be involved in their child’s home learning. Parents depend on teachers, teachers depend on parents, and there is no accountability.

And students… we didn’t forget about you. What if you are sick? Or maybe missed school for personal reasons. How are teachers and parents going to insure that you get the great instruction that you missed while you were gone? Teachers don’t have the time to deliver the message as perfect as they did the first time when they gave it to the class. Parents haven’t been to school in a while so their method may confuse you. That’s if they have a method at all. Students will absolutely ENJOY Level up Math. The voice of the tutor is fun, unlike many personal math tutors. The quizzes are fun and relevant unlike the redundant drill & practice websites. The animation is modern unlike boring math games students are use to.

Our system is completely aligned with today’s Common Core curriculum so parents & teachers can rest assure that their child is learning what they need to know in their schools.

We love to give back!!

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