Level Up Math



The Level up Math Learning Center will be the ultimate place for all children ages 8-18. This resource will specialize in creating mathematicians, literary authors, health & fitness gurus, social etiquette language-lab-181083 (1)professionals, resume builders, artists, etc. There are no more excuses for parents or educators. We are providing an affordable alternative. Imagine having a one stop shop where students can come and learn academics as well as be prepared for their bright future by learning life skills and various strategies on how to conduct themselves in today’s world. Our goal is to bring authentic teachings in all aspects of life and make it fun for the kids so they always want to return.

We are fully prepared to take on the challenge of educating today’s students effectively. There are other centers that focus on one subject and/or are very pricey. This limits the amoumen-158690_1280nt of students that are able to attend. We at Level up Math feel that every child should have the ability to receive  a quality education on a daily basis. As adults we often wish we knew then what we know now. It is not too late for our children. Allow us to prepare your children for some of life’s challenges. Where else will you find specialists in most fields at one location training your child on how to be an expert, and also making the entire journey extremely fun. 


menu2 Our Primary resource will be Level up Math. This program covers every skill your child will encounter from 5th grade to 8th grade. It does exactly what your most effective math teacher would do in a classroom. As follows:

  • Pre test or diagnostic
  • 3 or 4 lessons introducing skill
  • Practice problems for student with feedback
  • pop quiz/ bonus quiz to test comprehension
  • word problem break down on specific skill
  • Post test

Once your child has gone through this entire program they will absolutely maintain an A average. We aim for                                                                                   mastery and nothing less. 


First 1,000 backers receive a free Level up Math software.

  • We will build centers in every state
  • Sponsor our New Learning Center
  • Help all children be proficient in LIFE

Proverbs 21:26 ….....the righteous gives and does not hold back.