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Games, Videos Continue to Make Big Gains in Classrooms, Survey Finds

Games, Videos Continue to Make Big Gains in Classrooms, Survey Finds

by Hans Laurenceau

Posted on May 13, 2016 at 20:04 PM


By Leo Doran

The number of American teachers using games in classrooms–particularly with younger students–has doubled over the past six years, according to a large survey released last week that measures national ed-tech use.

In 2015, 47 percent of K-12 teachers and almost two-thirds of K-5 teachers reported using game-based learning environments in their classes, up from 23 percent of K-12 teachers in 2010.

The use of online instructional videos in classrooms, meanwhile, has risen over that stretch from 47 percent to 68 percent.

The 2015 Speak Up survey findings are the latest in a series of reports released each year by the Irvine, Calif.-based nonprofit Project Tomorrow. This year’s report draws from an online questionnaire of more than 500,000 students, teachers, educators and parents. It suggests that after years of reticence among many teachers to invite certain types of ed tech into their classrooms, the landscape could finally be changing.

“The explosion in teacher interest and usage of videos and game-based learning could be a harbinger of a new awakening for digital learning” said Julie Evans, the CEO of Project Tomorrow, in a statement.

Nevertheless, the survey found that while a vast majority of principals believe that effective use of ed tech is important to student success, 54 percent still say their biggest digital learning challenge is getting teachers to adapt their classroom practices to make better use of the new resources.

Many school leaders (57 percent) also say that a lack of teacher training is the biggest barrier to

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