Parental Involvement in Education?

Posted on August 24, 2016 at 18:02 PM


The interesting thing about education is that it’s a team game. You have the owner (Principal), the coach (teacher), the players (students) and the fans (parents). For all of this to work each person needs to play their part. For years Educators have felt the burden to properly prepare all of their students for the next level. When I say properly I mean one hundred percent mastery. Realistically does this make sense? Is this possible when you think of all the skills that need to be taught in ten months? Remember that an educator only has 1-2 hours a day with your child. What they do once they leave that classroom is up to the student and parent. Out of those two beings who is more likely to be the motivator? This question I believe used to be an easy answer. Now it’s up in the air. Parents have to be more involved in their child’s learning. What I have learned in the past two years is that children are beginning to run the household. From talking back to their parents to parents asking their child permission before buying them a school resource. How is it that we have come to the point where our children know their best interest better than we do? We need to take a stand and do the obvious. Instead of spending money on things that bring no progression to our children’s success, we need to invest in effective resources. Lets put things in perspective. We spend $40 on a bottle of liquor or wine, $30 on boxes of cigarettes, $60 on movie night, $100 on a dinner date, $60 on video games, $30-$300 on hair appointments, $200+ on clothes and new sneakers, but we will not spend $10-$50 on a school resource that will build the confidence of your child, allow them to participate in class, decrease boredom and behavioral issues, foster them to be greater and find their niche and talent. This is exactly what is happening every day and we wonder why we are ranked 30th in the world in education. It’s bad enough our educational curriculum is not created by educators. Our children have too many variables against them. I pray we all come together and spend a little more time catering to the well being of our kids. Growing up I used to think that the A students were born smart and that I would never achieve what they could achieve. I believed that they were gifted and highly favored and that I would forever be a C student. Little did I know, what separated them from me was the time spent studying. All I had to do was go home and read or review the days lesson instead of relying on my memory and video games. Once I decided to take ownership for my grades I began to perform accordingly. The 30 minutes a night that my mother spent with me created a foundation that would later mold me into a scholar. I am completely invested in today’s youth and I will do whatever I can to insure that there is truly no child left behind. The Level up Math Learning Center will be the ultimate resource for all parents where children can learn not only math, but literacy, resume building, respect, social etiquette, heath and fitness, art, etc… We as parents need an affordable alternative, however we need to be invested. We will be launching a campaign to begin the production of this center. If you cannot support the movement financially, then all we ask is share our video and posts. Thanks in advance.

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